She has a BA in Music Therapy and Creative Writing. It may be helpful to include a chart or figure to visually represent the results..

Then create a thesis that defines your main opinion, statement or argument. Be clear about your side or position regarding the argument so that the reader has no doubts about your position on the topic. Kara Batema is a musician, educator and writer specializing in early childhood, special needs and psychology. Since 2010, Batema has been an active writer in the fields of education, parenting, science and health…

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Each section should start with a new paragraph and have a title. It could be something as simple as the Methodology, or something more detailed, such as Findings from an Analysis of How Sanitation Affects Writing. Discussions or arguments should make up the bulk of the text, so the main body is often divided into subsections to present and develop results in a structured way….

Placing the dissertation at the end or even in the middle of the article is a serious hurdle. Collect materials, collect information, quotes, comments, statistics, etc. Post all important notes, comments, etc. In the text. Remember to regularly update the outline of the APA article according to the knowledge gained..


The body text after chapter 3 starts in the same line. Assuming that this article is an academic text on the principles of using APA in colleges and universities, the titles of the APA format in this context would appear here. When a student cites an author or uses ideas that have been developed by another scientist, he or she should give credit to that person. Otherwise, these parts of the essay will be marked as plagiarism, and the grade will drop significantly. Some school fines for plagiarism go up to a 50% drop in grade or even refusal to complete a course — so you do not count. This should be placed at the end of the sentence before the period.

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So if we had prepared a plan for this article, it would look like this. The sketch helps the reader better understand what to expect from the text and which parts and concepts are covered by the author. Planning helps writers organize their thoughts and estimate the amount of work / research needed to complete the text. The first idea presented is marked with a level 2 title. The following additional ideas are formatted in a level 3 title:.. .

The first part of your article is definitely the title page. On this page, you must enter your job title, your name, ID number, course name, school, and professor name. A detailed explanation can be found in our guide on the APA page. To make your APA article look logical and consistent, you need to start with a thesis. You can express it exactly at the end of the entry. Then you can give three reasons to support it..