Voronezh State University and the University of Caen-Basse-Normandie: new stage of cooperation

The students of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology of Voronezh State University Ekaterina Gordeeva and Oleg Borisov studying on the master’s programme «Teaching foreign languages with the use of online technologies» received an international grant from the programme Erasmus+. From January 17th toJune17th, 2016 they will be involved in the training process at the University of Caen-Basse-Normandie (France). The students’ training is carried out according to their individual educational trajectories and subject to the ECTS system of offsetting the disciplines taught in the partner universities on the relevant master’s programmes.

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In addition, from January 17th to February 5th, 2016 the Assistant Professor of the French Philology department Tatiana Kozyura took part in the internship programme within the framework of Erasmus+ programme at the University of Caen-Basse-Normandie. She delivered lectures and seminars and also had meetings with the French language teachers sharing her methodological and practical experience.

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