Traditional celebration of international Teacher’s day

On October 6, 2016 Master’s students of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology majoring in Language Education together with their teachers — members of the working group of the project TEMPUS “Developing the Teaching of European Languages: Modernising Language Teaching through the development of blended Masters Programmes” (544161-TEMPUS-1 -2013-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR Aston University) celebrated their professional holiday, the International Teacher’s Day. For the first year students of thisMA programme this day turned into a very important event as it marked their dedication to the profession of a language teacher.

Traditionally, the Head of Career Development Centreof Voronezh University, Associate Professor Marina Shcherbakova, in her welcome speech noted that the students made their choice in favour of the most humane among many other important professions. She pointed to the social significance of the teaching profession and the labour market demand for language teachers in particular. She also gave her comments on the prospects for Master’s students and characterised their career opportunities very positively.

The comperes of the event, the second year Master’s students Yulia Shaposhnikova and Victoria Novikova invited the first years to take part in professional simulations in order to determine their style of interaction with their students, using the method of teaching situations and then, to take the association test to determine the characteristic features of their behavior as a teacher.

The first year Master’s students Galina Nedobezhkina, Ekaterina Klimenchenko and Elena Kurenkova in their presentations showed how the image of a teacher is portrayed in the fine arts, in literature, in feature filmsand in the lyrics of songs.

In conclusion, all the Master’s students took part in the entertaining quiz with various questions about school and the education system, held a comic examination onPedagogy and participated in the role game to find solutions to conflict situations borrowed from real school life. Having gone through all the tests, the students swore allegiance to the profession of a language teacherand continued their professionally-oriented communication having a“sweet”round table.